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Dear Users of the Site,

After 10 off-seasons of Eagles salary cap coverage, I am announcing at this time that I am no longer going to continue to maintain The Allen Barbre extension is the last contract that I am going to enter onto the site, and in August I am going to cancel the domain name. So if you would like to record any information for your own use, please do so shortly. I will be happy to continue answering questions via e-mail and Twitter.

I now strongly endorse as the most reliable and comprehensive source of Eagles contract and salary cap information. provides such information for all 32 teams, and does so with tremendous accuracy and thoroughness, rendering sites like this one obsolete.

From this point forward I will be contributing occasionally to I will write some Eagles-focused pieces, but primarily I will write about contract structure and cap management strategies in a non-team-specific sense. I will also remain active on Twitter.

I would like to thank all those who have used the site thoughout the years, e-mailed me with questions or suggestions, and interacted with me on Twitter. This decision is bittersweet, but I think the timing is right.

Bryce Johnston


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