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NFL Teams Given Higher Salary Cap Than Last Year

NFL teams have now been given their official spending limit for players, and it is a slight increase from last year. In 2011, each team's salary cap was $120.375 million, and it has now risen to $120.6 million. However, even this figure can be increased upon if the teams roll cap money that they still have left from last year, over to 2012. They can also borrow $1.5 million to form an adjusted cap, and this will be taken out of the figure for 2013. The league year will begin on 13th March at 4pm ET, and teams will have to make sure that they are following the rules of the new cap figures by this point.

The raised cap has lots of outcomes, one of the immediate ones being that the franchise tag cost for each team is affected. Those involved in each team will have been waiting the announcement of the new salary cap, playing Partypoker or taking part in other hobbies in the meantime. Now, each team will be able to calculate how much they will be affected and will be able to make decisions regarding any changes that they should now make. Every team except from the New Orleans Saints now knows their franchise tag figure, as they had placed an exclusive tender on Drew Brees, quarterback.

For the Philadelphia Eagles, the franchise tag number for Wide Receiver is $9.51 million, and the key player who has been franchised is DeSean Jackson. Now that the Eagles know this number, they can get on with planning other things and getting ready for the season. If you want more information about salary cap numbers regarding this team, have a look around at the rest of the site.



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